How do I build Yelp WiFi Campaigns?

Communicating with your customers has never been more accessible with Yelp Wifi. Effortlessly send the exact communication you want with objective-based campaigns. To begin, simply click on the campaigns tab at the top of your screen and select "New Campaign".

STEP 1 - Select your Objective & Configure your Campaign

With our brand new objective-based campaigns, it has never been easier to craft the exact offer you want to grow your business. Begin your campaign by choosing from one of our 12 objectives.


Once your objective has been selected it's time to configure your campaign. The configuration options vary depending on the objective you select but they all follow the same setup format, Objective Settings, Schedule, and Language. There are eight types of configurations that you will encounter based on your selected objective; First Sign-in, Recurring, Milestone, Time Period, At Risk, Blast, Birthday, and Rolling. If you choose an objective but would like to change the type of campaign, you can click on, "Change campaign type".

A. First Sign-in

Objective: Build an Audience

Choose to either send the campaign immediately when the customer signs into your network for the first time or delay the message however long you'd like.


B. Recurring

Objective: Drive Incremental Visits

This objective will send a message every "x" visits.

  • Choose how many visits the customer will need to log before they receive the campaign
  • Choose whether you want the campaign to send when the customer enters your location or when they exit
  • Choose whether you want to consider everytime the customer has visited your location or only visits they have logged during the time of the campaign
  • Choose whether you want to send the campaign on the first visit or just when the user has triggered the campaign


C. Milestone

Objective: Reward Loyalty

Choose how many visits the customer has to log before this campaign is triggered, whether they receive the message when they enter or exit the location, and whether you want to consider everytime the customer has visited your location or only visits they have logged during the time of the campaign.


D. Time Period

Objective: Upsell, On-Premise Awareness, Receive Feedback

Choose to send the message when the customer enters or exits your location, whether you want the campaign to send all days or only on select days, and whether you want to campaign to send at all times or only during a specific time window.


E. At Risk

Objective: Customer Retention

At risk objectives allow you to target customers who have not visited your location for a set period of days which you define. Choose the number of days that you determine at risk and a campaign will send to any user who has not visited your location for the set amount of days.


F. Blast

Objective: Promote an Event, Awareness, Social Engagement

There are no objective settings to configure. Blast campaigns are sent once on the date and time that you select to all customers opted into your Yelp WiFi.


G. Birthday

Objective: Celebrate a Birthday

Choose whether you want the campaign sent on the customers birthday or if you want the campaign sent "x" days before their birthday. Then choose whether you want the campaign sent when a customer visits your location during the set time period or if you want it sent to all opted in Yelp WiFi users whether or not they have visited your location during the time period that you set.


H. Rolling

Objective: Seasonal/Promotion Loyalty

Rolling campaigns are the most effective when scheduled over a long period of time. Rolling campaigns will be triggered when a customer visits your location 'x' times within a timeframe of 'y' days.



Schedule Campaign and Set Language

Set the start and end date of your campaign, choose your language and press continue to go to Step 2



STEP 2 - Coupons

Choose if you want to attach a coupon to your campaign. Select "Yes" to proceed to coupon creation and "No" to move to step 3.

Configure your Coupon

Choose to apply a coupon expiry date on a set date and time, a set amount of days after the coupon was issued or have no expiry date at all.


Choose if the coupon can be redeemed during all business hours or if you want to limit the redemption time to only certain days or certain times or both.


Build your Coupon

Our coupons are fully customizable. You can:

  • Add/Remove as many image, text, and social link blocks as you'd like and customize the location of the "Redeem Offer" button
  • Click on a block to edit on the right side of the page
  • Click expiry date or "Redeem Offer" to edit font, colour, text style, as well as customize a message post customer redemption
  • Click on social media to disable any social media outlets you do not want to include


STEP 3 - Messaging


Choose the types of messages that will be sent out for this campaign. Available message types will correspond to the authentification methods that you offer customers for WiFi sign-in.* Customers will only receive one message should you have multiple forms of communication for a customer. The message type at the top will take priority. You can change the priority by clicking on the icon with the three lines and dragging up or down. You can disable a message type by clicking on the blue switch.


*If you do not offer SMS as a sign-in method, it will not appear on this page


Fully customize your email:

  • Input "Email Subject" and "From Name"
  • Like Campaigns, all blocks can be added/removed and position adjusted
  • Click highlighted portion to add an image, typically a logo
  • Click "Hi" to craft message to customers
  • Click "View Offer" to edit font, colour, and text style
  • Click on social media to disable any social media outlets you do not want to include



Craft your message to your customer in 130 characters or less. If you created a coupon, the unique link will be automatically included.


STEP 4 - Target

Choose which locations you would like the campaign to be applied to. Can be as few as one location or as many as you'd like. You can also target the message by demographic.


STEP 5 - Confirm and Create

Give your campaign a name. This name is internal and cannot be seen by customers. You can also review the campaign to make sure it is configured to your specifications and everything is set as intended.

Lastly, click "Create Campaign"

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