How do I add a location to my Yelp WiFi account?

When getting started with Yelp WiFi, the first thing you'll be doing is building a location. A location is exactly what it sounds like, a venue where you have installed Yelp WiFi.

This process is the same whether you have 1 or 100 locations online with Yelp WiFi and here we'll be showing you how to build a new one within the Application. Starting by clicking "Create Locations" in the top right corner of the screen when under the Locations heading:


STEP 1 - Creating the New Location 

On this page, we'll click Create Location in the top left corner, and it will open up the fields where you can enter the new location's information



STEP 2 - Entering the Information for the New Location


In these fields you'll be entering all the information for the business necessary for Yelp WiFi to place it on the Map, understand the traffic around it as well as tag it for specific Campaigns

Postal Code/Zip:
Phone Number:

This info is used to identify the location, as well as provide contact information to customers who receive communication from this location

Closing Time: This will be used to set data limits on your venue, so customers' visit history is organized into the proper day depending on the closing time set by you

Tags: Tags will allow you to make changes or send messages that only affect the tag in question. For example a Campaign that will only affects venues on the Eastside or only those that serve alcohol. Check out the best practices section for more information on how to use tags!

STEP 3 - Adding Access Points - If you have your hardware


If you have your Access Point(s) on hand right now, you can add them to your location and you will be all ready to go. On the underside of the Access Point you will see a 12 digit number called a MAC Address, enter that address in the field provided and enter a description based on where in your location it will be deployed, as shown in the example above. 

If you have many Access Points to add simultaneously (for very large venues) you are able to upload said MACs in a CSV file as shown in the image above.

STEP 3 - Adding Access Points - If you do not have your hardware yet

If you do not have your hardware yet, you can skip this step and simply add the hardware when you receive it as shown below.


And thats it! Your Yelp WiFi location is all set, if you're still waiting on hardware remember to sign back in to add it and if you already have everything in place, plug the hardware in, make sure your Splash Page (Link to Splash Page Support Guide) is good to go, and you are ready to use Yelp WiFi!

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