How do I use Yelp WiFi's Insights?


Your audience is defined as your customers who have signed into your guest Wi-Fi network. From the audience page, you will see a line graph showing your Earned Audience over time as well as a list of all the customers who have opted into your network listed under My Audience.

Earned audience shows the number of customers who have opted into your Yelp WiFi customer list by using your free guest Wi-Fi


My Audience will tell you which customers opted into your Yelp WiFi customer list as well as what information you have captured from each customer. You will always see a first and last name plus some combination of age, gender, email or SMS depending on the chosen authentication method.


To view how your campaigns have been performing, click on Campaigns located beside Audience


The campaigns page will give an overview of how all campaigns have performed, showing total Messages Sent, email Open Rate across all campaigns, coupon Redemption Rate across all campaigns, and the number of return Visits customers log after receiving a campaign.



You will also see a full breakdown of every campaign run on Yelp WiFi. Campaigns are organized into Active Campaigns if they are still ongoing and Completed Campaigns if they have completed their cycle and are no longer active. An overview of each campaign's statistics are displayed


Click on a campaign to reveal more in-depth results for that specific campaign. You will see recorded visits over time and what day they were recorded. You will also see total messages, message open rate, and coupon redemptions. If you are running a campaign that uses both email and SMS it will be broken down by each.


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