How do I get the most out of Yelp WiFi?

Want to get the most out of Yelp WiFi?  See below for our top best practices and make sure you're not missing out on any value!

1.  Create Smart Communication

It is recommended that authentication methods are determined based on the types of campaigns that will be run. Your customers are choosing the method they want to hear back from you, so only add the methods you want to communicate with during your campaigns!

We recommend using Facebook, Email and SMS as a default setting, but give some thought before you simply use every one. If you don't ever plan on texting your customers or don't like the idea of sending texts with news and offers, then having SMS opt-in enabled wouldn't make sense for your business. If you prefer the speed of text messages, you could disable one of the other options to incentivize more text messages.

2.  Use your Splash Page to Promote & Advertise

The three sliders you upload as part of your Social WiFi splash page are a great way to promote any specials your venue offers.  This can be anything from a 'buy one get one' deal, to weekly specials, or a special event you host regularly. Sliders are a fantastic piece of digital real estate - leaving them blank is a missed opportunity!

3.  Tag your locations!

Do you have more than one location?  For businesses that have two or more locations, you can distinguish them with tags. Tags can be anything you choose, such as "Locations on the North Side" or "Locations open late". When you tag your venues, you can quickly and easily make sure that your Campaigns go to the right people with the right content. When building your location you can add a tag quickly to start this process and when building Campaigns you'll have an option to quickly select which locations you'll be sending to!

4.  Test Your Splash Page

OpenMesh users: If you want to see how your Social WiFi splash page looks as a customer, you can 'forget' your own authentication by visiting 'http://logout' when connected to your Yelp WiFi network.  You will then be presented with the splash page and the full customer experience.

Meraki users: If you want to see how your Social WiFi splash page looks as a customer, you can 'forget' your own authentication by revoking your user status on the dashboard. You can then access the splash page and the full customer experience.



5.  Stay Active!

Yelp WiFi is designed so if you are busy you can create effective Campaigns that will bring people back with minimal effort, but you can always learn more about your business by logging in, seeing how your audience has grown, how your Campaigns are performing and making adjustments will make sure you're getting the absolute most out of the platform.

Log in, update your splash page, tweak your Campaigns where necessary and gain the audience insight you need to continue succeeding!

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