What do the Social WiFi Thresholds Control?

Once you have built your Splash Page, the last section in the Social WiFi Section is called Thresholds. This section will control the customer's experience while using your WiFi, and each section will affect a different part of their experience. If you wish to use these features, you can turn it on, and slide the slider to your desired setting.


Download & Upload

Data Cap: This value controls the maximum amount of data a customer can download or upload when on your guest network. When they exceed this value, their session will be terminated. Use this when you are concerned about customers using excessive amounts of your data, especially if your business has a monthly data cap.

Speed Throttle: This value controls how fast the connection will be when the customer is using the WiFi, whether downloading or uploading.. Most activities do not require extremely fast connections, so if you are worried about users engaging in activities which require high speeds, such as downloading large files or streaming high quality video, lowering this limit can help restrict this behaviour.


A session is the individual instance of a customer signing onto, and using your WiFi network, this section will control how these sessions behave

Duration: This is the maximum amount of time a customer's session can last before they are disconnected. This is useful if you wish to limit how long a customer can spend in your business using the WiFi

Timeout: This is the maximum amount of time a customer can have an idle connection before being disconnected.

Sessions per Day: Here you can limit the number of times a customer can start a new session per day. So if you want to limit the use of the WiFi to one 2 hour session per day, you can set the duration to 120 minutes and Sessions per Day to 1.


Thresholds are not necessary for your marketing strategy to succeed, but are a useful tool to control and curate the experience for customers coming into your business and using your Yelp WiFi Network.

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