What does the light on my Yelp WiFi Access Point Mean?

Common Lights

Solid Purple / Solid Yellow: The access point is booting up and should be active within 5-10 minutes.

Solid Red: Access Point is currently upgrading its firmware and should be active within 1-2 hours. This is a common light to see during the initial setup of your Access Point.

Flashing White: The Access Point is not connecting to the cloud. Contact Support at 1-877-452-7180 for assistance

Flashing Yellow: The Access Point is not getting an internet connection. First, confirm it is plugged in as shown on the setup guide that came with your access point. Once you have done this, power cycle the Access Point by unplugging it from power, and plugging it back in. If this error persists after 15-30 minutes, contact Support at 1-877-452-7180 for assistance.

Flashing Purple: The Access Point is receiving an unstable internet connection. If you know of a specific, working port on your modem or router you can attempt to move it, or contact Support at 1-877-452-7180 for assistance

Solid Teal/Aqua: The Access Point is connected to the internet and functioning normally.


As always, if you see something not covered in this guide or would like more information, contact Support at 1-877-452-7180.

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