How do I troubleshoot an Open Mesh A60 Access Point?

If you're experiencing issues with your WiFi Access Point, following this checklist can help solve many problems before having to call Yelp WiFi Support. Just run through this list to confirm you have been set up properly and to gather important information regarding troubleshooting further.

Step 1: How long has the AP been plugged in?

  • If less than 2hrs - just wait, the AP will upgrade its firmware upon being plugged in the first time and will not perform as expected until this is resolved.
  • If more than 2hrs - continue below

Step 2: Is the AP plugged into an internet providing router or modem?

NO - Locate and plug into router or modem 

  • WiFi access points need an active internet connection via a free port on your modem, router or switch. Before moving on confirm it is plugged in as demonstrated in the setup guid

YES - If the device is plugged in, can we confirm the router/modem is providing an internet connection? If there are other devices plugged in, are they working right now?

  • If the device has been plugged into a working router/modem for over 2 hours and other devices are working, continue to step 3

Step 3: Perform a Physical Reset

If none of the above steps have solved the problem, the next step is to perform a reset of the device.

  • The reset button is on the underside of the device, under the hatch where the ethernet cable is plugged in, and can be pressed with a pin or paperclip.
  • Hold the reset button for 30 seconds while the device is plugged in.
  • This should trigger the boot-up sequence, which begins with a solid purple light.


Step 4: Further troubleshooting

If none of the above steps have had any affect, please contact WiFi support at or at 1 877-452-7180 and one of our Account Managers will be happy to help you solve this problem.

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