What happens if a customer connects to two different Turnstyle venues using Social WiFi?


If a customer connects to Wi-Fi via Turnstyle's Social WiFi splash page and then leaves the current venue for another Turnstyle powered venue, will they have to login again via the new venue's splash page?


Currently, internet sessions are 'universal'.  This means that if a user connects at store ABC, they can connect without authenticating through the Social WiFi splash page at store XYZ.  

The customer will not see a new Social WiFi splash page until they have reached a limit (ie. session timeout, max data bandwidth, etc...) as defined by the initial venue they connected at.

To avoid this, under the Social WiFi section, click on the Advanced tab.  You can add a time limit.  Once the time limit is hit, the user is logged off the Social WiFi and must reconnect.


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