Real Time vs. Global Campaigns

Location-based marketing is no longer exclusive to big corporations. Turnstyle has made it accessible and affordable for everyone, offering two distinct methods to engage with customers: Real Time and Global.

Taking advantage of both campaign types will allow you to fully maximize your marketing capability to create happy, loyal and repeat customers.


Real Time

Real Time campaigns are behaviour based. They are triggered by a customer’s entry or exit of a venue.  This allows you to engage with customers as they are engaging with your brand, creating a two-way dialogue. 

See our tutorial video below, and for greater detail see our Real Time Campaign Guide here.




Unlike Real Time campaigns, Global campaigns run regardless of customer location and are determined by day/time or 'at risk' customers.  This gives you the ability to engage with customers who have previously engaged with your brand. This allows you to send reminders and/or incentives to get customers back through the door and build loyalty with them. This makes for traditional email marketing campaigns to be targeted in a more relevant way. 

See our tutorial video below, and for greater detail see our Global Campaign Guide here.

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