Group Settings (for Multiple Venues)

Groups allow for an aggregate view of your dashboard. Using Groupings, you can add multiple venues into a Group and then mass update their Social WiFi, create Campaigns for all venues at once, and view the entire groups analytics on the Analytics Dashboard.

Before getting started with Groups, please note the following:

  • The venue must be created in Turnstyle first.
  • If you create a Social Wifi splash page for the Group, it will overwrite current venue settings for Social WiFi.
  • After creating a Group and its Social WiFi page, if you edit an individual venue in the group, it will reset the Group to the default blank Social WiFi splash page (In order for the Group's Social WiFi to remain consistent, make edits to the group and not individual venues).
  • If you create a Campaign for the Group, a new campaign will be added to that venue, but will not overwrite previous ones.

Create a Group

To create a Group, click the 'Grouping Settings' option under your name in the top-right corner.


If this is your first Group, you will then be presented with the following blank Group screen.  Click the '+Add' button to create a Group.


From here, the Grouping Venue Creation screen will appear.  Give your Group a name and a description.  In this case, 'Demo Group' was chosen as the name.

 Now that your Group has a name, you can click the  icon to search for venues/groups you want to add.  To add a venue/group to the new Group, click the '+' icon to the right of the venue name.  In this case, I've searched for venue's that contain the name 'demo' and I will add the two highlighted venues. Adding groups to the new group allows the increased speed when creating the group as the work of selecting the venues for the first group has already been completed.


To narrow down the list of venues further, you can click the icon to check/uncheck filters.


'In this Group' gives a preview of which venues/group have been added to the new group. When your Group has all the venues you want to add, click the 'Create' button in the lower-right corner.

You can now view your first Group.  If you need to edit the group, you can do so by clicking the  icon highlighted below.  Otherwise, you can add another Group or click the 'Done' button to complete the Group.


Use a Group

Now that you've created a Group, you'll want to use it.  To select a Group, click on the selection drop-down and select your Group.


When selected, you will see the Group replace the previous venue.

You can now update the Group's Social WiFi, create Campaigns, and review the Analytics Dashboard the same way as you would a single venue.  

Note: A final reminder that updating a Group's Social WiFi splash page will replace the individual venue's Social WiFi.


For more information on other settings, please click for User Settings or for Venue Settings.

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    Does group feature support the creation of sub groups?
    If it's supported, so what is the maximum level of sub groups?


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    Paul Balenzano

    Hi Franky - great question! Yes, our Group feature supports the creation of as many sub-groups as you need. If you have any other questions about this or would like to get help creating and organizing groups, please email us for