What is a 'Walled Garden' and how does Turnstyle use it?

What is a 'Walled Garden'?

On the Internet, a walled garden is an environment that controls the user's access to Web content and services on your Wi-Fi network.


How does Turnstyle use a Walled Garden and why is it necessary?

For Wi-Fi users at your venue, the walled garden on your network will prevent them from accessing the Internet before connecting to the Turnstyle Social WiFi splash page that you have created.


Why can a Wi-Fi user use the Internet even though I have my Social WiFi splash page set up and my network's walled garden configured correctly?

In order to allow users to connect to your Wi-Fi through your splash page, Turnstyle allows connections to Google, Facebook and Twitter.  In order for these connections to happen, they are exceptions to your walled garden.  

That means a Wi-Fi user at your venue may access those websites (Google, Facebook, and Twitter) without going through the splash page.  However, as soon as they visit a website that isn't Google, Facebook, or Twitter, the splash page will come up and they will have to connect to it to use your Wi-Fi network.


What URLs should be added to my Walled Garden?

This will depend on the hardware you use, but, in general, the following exceptions are required:


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    Very Helpful in deed; now i understand why i could access google and facebook without going through the splash page.