Analytics: Traffic Levels

Identifying overall traffic levels within and between days sheds light on both absolute and relative venue/group performance.  Use cases include:

  • Identifying trends in total visitors to the store, area, property or region you are looking at
  • Within a particular day, identifying trends in traffic patterns to inform marketing, staffing and operational activities
  • Visualizing metrics in linear fashion or absolute terms depending on the relevant audience
Traffic levels are best summarized below by the following metrics:
  1. All/Total Visitors
  2. Daily Visitors 
(Note: If you're not sure how to add a Widget, set the time range, or compare venues, please see our Analytics Dashboard guide here.) 
1. All/Total Visitors 
Summarize the total number of visitors of your venue/group in the selected time range.  Available widgets for this metric are: Tables, Metrics, and Line Graphs.
2. Daily Visitors 
Break down venue capacity for your venue over the course of a given day, and more specifically, by time of day.  The 'Daily Visitors' widget shows venue capacity for one day, (indicated in the lower-right corner of the widget) in the specified time range. Advance to the day(s) of inspection using the arrows (top-right corner).  Available in a Line Graph.
Interested in other metric use cases?  Please click for Dwell Time, LoyaltyConversion Rates, Visitor Demographics, or Visitor Interests.
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