Analytics: Conversion Rates

Converting the flow of traffic outside of a venue, store, or property, especially in high-density areas, is a core factor in success.  Use cases include:

  • Was the increase/decrease in total visitors a result of strong/poor offerings or was traffic in the area up/down resulting in these fluctuations?
  • Shedding light onto the quality of marketing / signage as well as the general fit of the store with the audience in that particular area
Conversion Rates are best summarized by the two walk-by metrics compared against our Total Visitor metrics:
  1. Walk-bys
  2. Walk-by Growth
(Note: If you're not sure how to add a Widget, set the time range, or compare venues, please see our Analytics Dashboard guide here.) 
1. Walk-bys
Display the average number of people who walk-by your venue per day, throughout a selected time range.  Available as a Metric widget (left), which can be compared against the Total Visitors Metric (right).
2. Walk-by Growth
Display the walk-by rates in a line graph to gain greater insight into day-over-day comparisons. Compare period Walk-by trends (top) to total visitor trends to help determine strong/weak days. Comparing this to in-store marketing efforts can help provide greater knowledge into the R.O.I. for that initiative.
Interested in other metric use cases?  Please click for Traffic LevelsDwell Time, Loyalty, Visitor Demographics, or Visitor Interests.
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