Analytics: Visitor Demographics

Visitor Demographics provides insight into the age and gender breakdown of opted-in visitors (ie. visitors who have signed into your Social WiFi).  This information can help inform marketing campaigns as well as help assess the suitability of the tenant mix of a property.

Visitor Demographics are best summarized by the following metrics:
(Note: If you're not sure how to add a Widget, set the time range, or compare venues, please see our Analytics Dashboard guide here.) 
1. Age
Displays the age of Social WiFi users broken down by decade.  Available as Table or Bar Graph.
2. Gender
Gender information for Social WiFi users can be displayed in a number of different widgets and comparisons.  For example, using the Table widget.
Gender information can also be broken down into specific Metric widgets for both Male and/or Female Social WiFi users.  Both available as Metric widgets.
It is also possible to provide a comparison of the percentage of male versus female visitors.  Available as Pie Chart or Infographic.
3. Known Visitors
Displays all the information of your Social WiFi users.  Please note that this information is dependant on what the user makes publicly available.  For example, if they hide their age or gender in Facebook, we do not receive that information.  Available as Table (names blurred out in this example).
4. WiFi Authentication Methods
Show a breakdown of how your users have connected to your venue through Social WiFi.  Available as both a Table and Pie Chart.
Interested in other metric use cases?  Please click for Traffic LevelsDwell Time, LoyaltyConversion Rates, or Visitor Interests.
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