Add Additional Venues to your User Account

This guide covers how to add additional venues and hardware nodes to the same user account.  If your Turnstyle profile has not yet been created, please see our guide on creating your account and first venue right here.

1.  Multiple venues under one Turnstyle profile can be managed through Turnstyle's grouping features, allowing for easy management of Social WiFi, analytics, and campaigns for multiple venues at once.  To get started, please go to

2.  Click the link that says, 'I already have an account'.

3.  Enter your login information for your user account.

4.  Once logged in, you will be taken to the 'Initialize' section where you can enter the setup key provided by your Turnstyle Customer Success rep for your venue and node.  Note: each venue/node combination will have a different setup key.

5.  Once the 'setup key' has been entered, complete the process as you did the first time (click here for first time guide), entering venue information, and confirming your location and details.

6.  For any further additional nodes, you'll need to repeat this process for as many venue/node combinations that you have.

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