Cisco Meraki - MR Series Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Meraki Network configured to support Yelp WiFi. Once you have a Network created, you will be able to add access points and begin using them to create your Yelp WiFi hotspots.

Location and scanning 

1. Navigate to your Meraki dashboard at

2. In the left navigation panel, go to Network-wide > General

3. Scroll down to 'Traffic Analysis' and ensure it is 'enabled'


4.  Scroll to Location and scanning and configure the following:

  • Analytics = Analytics enabled
  • Scanning API = Scanning API enabled
  • Validator = ** Send your validator to your Yelp WiFi representative**
    (they will use this to generate your Post URL and Secret needed below)


5. Add a Post URL

  • Post URL = **Provided by your Yelp WiFi representative**
  • Secret = **Provided by your Yelp WiFi representative**
  • API Version = 2.0
  • Click 'Validate'
    • Note: if successful, a confirmation message will appear. If unsuccessful, please contact your Yelp WiFi representative to verify your Post URL and Secret.


6. Be sure to Save your changes before navigating to the next section

Note: Data collection will begin within 24 hours

Captive Portal/ Access Control

1. Navigate to Wireless > Access Control

2. Under 'Network Access', set Association Requirements = Open (no encryption)

3. Under 'Network Access' set Splash page = Sign-on with my RADIUS server


4. Scroll down the page to RADIUS for Splash Page and configure the following:

  • RADIUS Server 1 Host =
  • RADIUS Server 2 Host =
  • Port (1&2) = 1812
  • Secret (1&2) = **Provided by your Yelp WiFi representative**
  • Test to confirm (username and password are both “test")


5. Scroll down to 'Captive Portal Strength' and configure to = 'Block all access until sign-on is complete'

6. Walled Garden = Walled garden is enabled

7. Walled Garden Ranges = Enter the following domains:


Note: Some customers may receive an error at this stage indicating that only IP ranges are accepted. If this is the case, please contact Meraki and request for "domain based Walled Garden to be enabled".

8. Be sure to Save your changes before navigating to the next section


Splash Page

1. Navigate to Wireless > Splash Page

2. Be sure to select the SSID you set up for your Yelp WiFi configuration

3. Select custom splash URL =


4. Scroll down to the 'Splash Behavior' section

  • Select: "The URL they were trying to fetch"



That's it, your Meraki dashboard is now configured to support Yelp WiFi!


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