Cisco Meraki MR Series

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Cisco Meraki hardware to work with Turnstyle. This operation is done entirely on the Meraki dashboard so all you'll need is your Meraki hardware!

Analytics & CMX 

1. Enter your Meraki dashboard at
2. Go to Network-wide -> General
3. Scroll down to 'Location and Scanning'

a. Send Validator key to your Turnstyle representative
b. Analytics = Analytics enabled
c. Scanning API = Scanning API enabled

4. Add a Post URL

a. Post URL = **From your Turnstyle representative**
b. Secret = **From your Turnstyle representative**
c. API Version = 2.0
d. Click Validate – if successful, a green message will appear

5. Data collection will begin within 24 hours

Captive Portal & Splash Page

1. Go to Wireless -> Access Control
2. Association Requirements = Open (no encryption)
3. Splash page = Sign-on with my RADIUS server

4. RADIUS for Splash Page

a. RADIUS Server 1 =
b. RADIUS Server 2 =
c. Port (1&2) = 1812
d. Secret (1&2) = *contact*
e. Test to confirm (username and password are both “test")

5. Captive Portal Strength = Block all access until sign-on is complete
6. Walled Garden = Walled garden is enabled
7. Walled Garden Ranges = Enter the following domains:


Note: Some customers may receive an error at this stage indicating that only IP ranges are accepted. If this is the case contact Meraki and request for domain based Whitelists to be enabled.

Note 2: The above walled garden does not support Google+ as an authentication method.  For full details please see here.

8. Go to Wireless -> Splash Page

9. Custom splash URL =


And that's it, your Meraki unit is now ready to work with Turnstyle!


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