Real Time Campaigns Video & Guide

Real-Time campaigns are behaviour-based, triggered by a customer’s entry or exit of a venue.

See our Real Time Campaign tutorial video below. For greater detail see the guide below.

(Note: This is the same video as our Real Time Vs. Global Campaigns article)


Real Time Campaign Guide 

To start, in the 'Real Time' tab, click the "+ Create A Campaign" button to create a Real Time campaign.

There are four different steps to create and customize your campaign:

  1. Campaign
  2. Target
  3. Message
  4. Coupon



Title: Name of the campaign, for internal tracking purposes.

Running Time: The date range the campaign will run.

Trigger Event: Choose whether the campaign is triggered by the customer entering or leaving the venue.

Type: Choose one of four different Types

  • Visits - The number of visits required before a campaign is pushed

    • Type:
      • RecurringThe campaign is triggered every ‘x’ number of visits
      • MilestoneThe campaign is triggered only on the ‘xth’ visit
    • Visit(s): How many visit(s) are required to trigger the campaign
    • Visit Consideration:
      • Running TimeOnly visits from the start of the campaigns are counted
      • All TimeAll historical visits are counted to determine a customer's current number of visits
      • ‘Push on First Visit’ - Check the box to have the campaign message pushed on the first visit, All Time or Run Time 
  • Days/Time - Select the specific day(s) and/or time range that the campaign will run, throughout the 'Running time'.


  • First Wi-Fi Sign-in - Send a campaign after customers first sign-in to the Wi-Fi.  Set a delay of 0, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes after the first sign-in.

  • Rolling - Send a message to a customer on a specified visit ('Push on Visit'), within a specified timeframe ('Rolling Timeframe').  For example, if you specify 30 days and 3 visits, when a customer visits, the Rolling campaign will check if they visited in the prior 30 days.  If they have, and this is their third visit within 30 days, they will receive the campaign message.  It is recommended that the 'Running Time' is greater than the 'Rolling Timeframe'.



Hyper-target customers. Leaving all options unchecked will target everyone. After choosing a target option(s) box, an option drop down will appear with target options.

By gender: Target either males or females.

By age range: Target one or more age ranges.

Valued customers only: Defined as customers with a minimum number of visits before the customer is eligible for the campaign.




Select the method(s) that you want to communication with your customers through by checking the appropriate box.  After checking a target option box, an option drop down will appear with target options.  

If customers have signed-in using multiple methods and if you have chosen multiple message types to contact them by (ie. choosing Email and Twitter), customers will be messaged using only the top method.  To reorder the priority of these methods, simply drag the boxes using to the desired order using the  icon.



  • LogoUpload a logo to display at the top of all emails sent by this campaign.
  • Accent ColorThis colour will be used for certain text and elements.
  • SubjectSubject line of the email; it is recommended to make this intriguing for the customer to open
  • FromThe display name in the sender field; not the email address.
  • MessageThe content of the email, every email automatically begins with "Hi first name,". Pictures and links can be placed in the message. Emails are fully HTML customizable. Use the HTML button in the bottom left to enable this option. Recommended size width: 400px, height: 800px. 
  • Send Test EmailA test email will be sent to the email address associated with the account logged in. To update the email associated with the account, go to 'User Settings' (link here) in the account drop-down menu.


  • Account - Choose the Twitter account that campaign tweets will be sent from.
  • Tweet 1/2/3 - Create three tweets that contain the messaging of the campaign(up to 144 characters).
    • Note: Only 1 tweet will be sent per user, so include all key messaging and links (if applicable) in each tweet. The reason for creating three tweet options is to avoid Twitter flagging the tweets as spam.


  • Message - Enter a message to be sent via SMS(up to 160 characters).
    • Note: A fee may apply to use this campaign method; fees vary by country. A reminder will appear when selecting this method and alerting of the fee associated with that venue.



Click the "+ Add Coupon" button to add coupon to your real-time campaign.  You don't need any additional hardware or scanners to use a coupon.  Just instruct your cashiers on how to apply the coupon using the software programs you already use and have them verify that the coupon is redeemed in person.  Customize your coupon using the following headings:

Name: Give the coupon a title.

Details: Provide the specific details of the coupon.  Make sure to include the offer, the locations it applies to and any exclusions.

Redeem Confirmation Message: This is a message that is displayed to the customer when they attempt to redeem the coupon.  The default recommendation is, "Please ensure you redeem this in front of the clerk."  If a customer redeems it by accident in line or while in the store, you can check the time stamp and then determine if you will still offer the promotion.

Expiry Date: Check this box and set the date if you want the coupon to expire.
Expires After: This will let you set your coupons to expire a set number of days from when each customer receives it. So if one person receives their coupon on Monday, and another receives it Wednesday and the coupon expires in 7 days; their coupons will expire next Monday and next Wednesday respectively. 

Real-Time Campaign Dashboard

The calendar shows the campaigns and the days/weeks they run and overlap. The widget at the top right shows how many campaigns are Active, Upcoming and Completed.

The list of campaigns, at right, can be clicked on to provide a summary of the campaign protocols.  In this view, clicking on the  icon in the top right of the campaign highlight box allows you to open the campaign to view and edit the campaign details.  If you choose to edit the campaign, it will be updated immediately.

Clicking on the "View Full Details” tab opens up a new window to show the macro results of the campaign including total pushes sent, when they were sent and engagement rates. Scroll down the page to drill down into the method the campaigns were sent, to whom they were sent and if there is a coupon, if/when the coupon was redeemed. For a more detailed look at monitoring campaigns,click here


This is the end of the Real Time campaign orientation guide.  Click here when you're ready to look at Global campaigns.

All done with Campaigns and ready to look at the Analytics Dashboard?  Click here to start. 

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