Venue and Calibration Settings

To adjust your personal settings, click on the username in the upper-right corner to view the drop and select 'Venue Settings'

The Venue settings are broken down as follows:



Logo - Choose an image to set the default logo for Social WiFi and sending email campaigns.  If a logo is not chosen for Social WiFi or emails, the Turnstyle logo will be applied.  Choosing a logo when creating your splash page or a campaign email will be used in place of this logo.

Accent - This is the default colour that will be used for certain text and elements.  Similar to the default logo described above, if you overwrite the accent when creating your splash page or campaign emails, this accent colour will get replaced.

Weekly Reports - Check the box to receive weekly summary report to your email.

Start of Day - Adjust this to what time the venue typically opens. This allows for more accurate widgets. Visitors who arrive on the next calendar but before the start of the next day still be considered to the previous day’s metrics. 

Time Zone - Adjust the time zone to that of the venue. 

Session Timeout - Session timeout determines how long a device should not be detected for before ‘ending the session’ and determining whether it is a visitor or a walkby. The standard session timeout is 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes). For higher density location, a lower session timeout is recommended. For more information or questions regarding an appropriate session timeout for a venue please contact

Node Status - Shows the M.A.C. address of the node and the last date and time that it checked into the network. A green light shows it’s active and functioning, red that it has failed to check-in as per the ‘last check-in’ time.



Visitors are determined using two, user-definable, criteria: signal strength and time duration.  Devices that meet both signal and time thresholds are determined ‘visitors’; all else are determined ‘walkbys’. When calibrating a venue adjusting the signal threshold, time threshold or both will adjust all historical data. This allows for multiple analyses to be performed and adjustments to calibration to be made as the needs of the user(s) change.


Signal Threshold - Signal threshold uses the maximum recorded signal strength of a device during a given ‘session’.  We record this in dB (decibels), but display it as a percentage.  By increasing the signal threshold percentage, the radius and number of visitors increase(vice versa for decreasing the signal threshold percentage).

Timing Threshold - Time threshold is the minimum duration length a device is detected during a given ‘session’, recorded in minutes. By increasing the time threshold, devices must be detected for longer to be determined as a visitors(vice versa for decreasing the time threshold).

Note: Adjustments can be made and seen in the preview. When initially calibrating the Analytics Dashboard, a best practice is to get the number of transactions in the first 5 days and adjust the dashboard to be in line with these known numbers. If this is not available, calibrate to a known/roughly known number of visitors for a given date(s).

Remember to save any changes by hitting the 'Save' button.


For more information on other settings, please click for User Settings or for Group Settings.

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