User Settings

To adjust your personal settings, click on the username in the upper-right corner to view the drop and select 'User Settings'

Account email - This is the contact email for the account. This email address is used for weekly emails, offline alerts (default), email widget reports and sending test campaign emails.

Language - Language translations are constantly being updated. If there is a translation option missing, please email

Offline Alerts - By checking this box, the email provided below will receive an email alert when the node has not checked-in to Turnstyle for two or more hours. Select a different email address in your organization to send these alerts to so that the right person is informed as fast as possible to minimize data loss. 


Password - To change the password for the given user account:

  1. Enter the current password
  2. Enter the desired new password
  3. Confirm the desired new password
  4. Press save to confirm


For more information on other settings, please click for Venue Settings or for Group Settings.

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