What do the LED lights on the Open-Mesh Series mean?

The LEDs (lights) on the Open-Mesh OM Series access points let you know what the device is currently doing. 

The OM Series has four lights: Power, Ethernet (x2) and Wi-Fi.


The Power LED:

- Blinks blue while the device is booting.
- Displays solid blue after the boot has completed.


Ethernet LEDs:

- There are two different Ethernet LEDs
- Both will display solid blue as soon as a cable with a consistent internet connection is plugged in.
- The LED with the 'W' means there is internet coming into the node.

- The LED without the 'W' means there is internet going from the node to a second device (ie. a laptop) connected to the node.


Wi-Fi LED:

On gateways, the multi-colour Wi-Fi LED will show:
- No colour until DHCP address received
- Blinking green if the Internet works
- Solid red if internet check fails but DHCP was received or if Turnstyle firmware is being updated/switching networks

On repeaters, the multi-colour WiFi LED will show:
- No colour until speed test (dashboard checkin) has been run
- Blinking green if speed to the gateway is above 2.5Mbps
- Solid yellow if speed to the gateway is above 1Mbps and below 2.5Mbps
- Solid red if speed to the gateway is below 1Mbps
- Blinking yellow while the node is in orphan mode
- Blinking red while the node is in lonely mode


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