Analytics: Loyalty

Measuring loyalty can help venues ensure that they not only attract visitors, but that they retain them over time, while drawing insights about the impact of various marketing and product line extension initiatives have on loyalty.  Use cases include:

  • Comparing how total visitors breakdown into new vs. return visitors provides valuable insight into the relative loyalty of a venue’s consumer base
  • Visualizing in various ways to best highlight the breakdown, depending on context and objectives
Loyalty is best summarized by the following metrics:
  1. New Visitors
  2. Returning Visitors
  3. New vs. Returning Visitors
  4. Total vs. New and/or vs. Returning Visitors
  5. Repeat Distribution
(Note: If you're not sure how to add a Widget, set the time range, or compare venues, please see our Analytics Dashboard guide here.) 
1. New Visitors
Displays the number of new visitors to your venue.  Although this information is available for comparison in other widgets, this provides more detail specific to new visitors only.  Available widgets are Metrics and Line Graphs.
2. Returning Visitors
Similar to the new visitors metric, but providing the same level of detail for returning visitors only.  Also available in Metric and Line Graph widgets. 
3. New vs. Returning Visitors
Quantify and visualize the breakdown of visitors habits over a user-defined time period.  Available in Pie Charts and Line Graphs.
4. Total vs. New and/or vs. Returning Visitors
Displays a comparison of how the total visitors compare to the new and/or returning visitors.  There are three different metrics that you can choose to display, all available in Line Graph.
5. Repeat Distribution
Drill down even further into visitor trends, which segment of visitors is the greatest contributor of total visitors?  Available in Table and Bar Graph widgets.
Interested in other metric use cases?  Please click for Traffic LevelsDwell TimeConversion Rates, Visitor Demographics, or Visitor Interests.
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    If I go to Venue at morning, then I come back at evening of a day. How does the Total/New/Return report look like for that day?

    Does the report show: 1 total - 0 new - 1 return or 1 total - 1 new - 1 return?