Analytics: Dwell Time

How much time visitors spend within a venue has significant implications for their loyalty, average basket size, and overall sales.  Use cases include:

  • Identifying trends and distribution based on how much time visitors spend in the store, area, property or region
  • Determine the ideal visit duration in terms of brand engagement and maximizing ticket size
Dwell Time is best summarized by the Visit Duration metrics available in two widget types:
  1. Visit Duration by Table
  2. Visit Duration by Bar Graph
(Note: If you're not sure how to add a Widget, set the time range, or compare venues, please see our Analytics Dashboard guide here.) 
1. Visit Duration by Table
Displays a breakdown of your customers and how long they are at your venue.  This is a high-level breakdown, broken down by overall percentage in hour time periods.
2. Visit Distribution by Bar Graph
The same information as above, but further broken down to smaller time periods, allowing for greater amount of detail and easier visualization of trends.
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