Best Practices Guide

Want to get the most out of Turnstyle?  See below for our top best practices and make sure you're not missing out on any value!

1.  Create 2-Way Communication

It is recommended that authentication methods are determined based on the types of campaigns that will be run. Your customers are choosing the method they want to hear back from you, so only add the methods you want to communicate with during your campaigns!

We recommend Facebook and Email as a default setting, but give some thought before you decide on Twitter and SMS.  For example, Twitter authentication doesn't share a customer email address (like Facebook does), so unless you plan on tweeting out campaign messages, you shouldn't offer Twitter as an authentication method.  See here for more on authentications methods.  And see here to learn what information each method provides.

2.  Use your Splash Page to Promote & Advertise

The three sliders you upload as part of your Social WiFi splash page are a great way to promote any specials your venue offers.  This can be anything from a 'buy one get one' deal, to weekly specials, or a special event you host once a month. Sliders are a fantastic piece of digital real estate - leaving them blank is a missed opportunity! See here for more on adding sliders.

3.  Should You Use Time Limits?

Your splash page 'Time Limit' isn't just there to end to limit a customer's Wi-Fi session.  It also serves another very important purpose: it forces a customer to see your splash page every time they want to connect.  Since you're now advertising your promotions on your splash page (you are right...?), this will ensure customers see your promotions every time they visit your venue!  See here for more on time limits.

4.  Calibrate Your Data!

After you have 1-2 weeks worth of analytics data, it's time to start putting that information to use.  Calibrating data will adjust all historical and future data, allowing for accurate comparisons across specified timeframes. We recommend calibrating based on average daily transactions, but see here for a calibration guide.

5.  Use 'Groups' To Save Time

Do you have more than one venue?  For businesses that have two or more venues, you can create a 'Group'.  Under the group, you can now create one splash page and apply it to each venue.  Same goes for creating campaigns and viewing analytics.  You can also create sub-groups of other groups for further customizations.  See here for a groupings guide.

6.  Test Your Splash Page

OpenMesh users: If you want to see how your Social WiFi splash page looks as a customer, you can 'forget' your own authentication by visiting 'http://logout' when connected to your Turnstyle Wi-Fi network.  You will then be presented with the splash page and the full customer experience.

Meraki/Aruba users: If you want to see how your Social WiFi splash page looks as a customer, you can 'forget' your own authentication by revoking your user status on the dashboard. You can then access the splash page and the full customer experience.

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