Create Your User Account And Your First Turnstyle Venue

Welcome to the Turnstyle venue setup guide!  

Below is a video covering how to create your first Turnstyle user account and venue.  For further information, see the detailed step-by-step guide below the video.


Note 1: If you have another venue and Turnstyle access point to setup, please see this follow-up guide

Note 2: If you haven't set up your hardware yet, please see this link and find the setup guide that matches your hardware.


Step-by-Step Account Setup Guide

1.  Once you've received a 'setup key' from Turnstyle, you can now begin the setup process of your Turnstyle venue.  Please go to to begin.


2.  Please choose a username (note this cannot be changed), password, email and language for your Turnstyle profile.  Click 'Create' when complete.

Note: If you already have a Turnstyle profile, please follow this guide.  


3.  Your Turnstyle user account has now been created!  Now you must 'Initialize' and link your user account with your venue and its node.  

As part of the hardware setup, your Turnstyle Customer Success rep will have provided you a setup code for each node.  For your first venue/node, please enter the setup code and press 'Continue'.  For example, if my setup code was 'secret 123':

Note: If you have more than one venue/node you need to setup, that will be covered in step #7 below.


4.  On the 'Venue' step, you need to enter all of the information for your venue.  The name of the venue is how it shows up in your Turnstyle account.  If putting more than one node in a location, we recommend a more descriptive name (ie. 'Store ABC - Front Entrance').  For example:


5.  For the 'Location' step, drag the map pointer to be as close as possible to the location of where the node is being placed.


6.  The final step allows you to view the information and review.  Click the  icon if you need to make any changes.  If not, click the 'Finish' button.


7.  Your venue and node are now set up and linked with your hardware! If you have another venue and node to setup, please see this follow-up guide.

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