Monitoring Campaign Results

Once a real-time or global campaign has been created, it is important to monitor results and determine success. Turnstyle is a unique platform, as it allows for real-time monitoring, in addition to post-mortem. This feature allows for adjustmetns to be made in a timely manner, based on consumer feedback. 

To view a summary of a campaign, click on the respective name.

Click 'View Full Details' to double-click into the campaign details. 

Total Pushes Sent

The top section of the campaign details includes high-level details about how many pushes have been sent, broken down by pushes per day and the method the messages were sent (Emails & SMS).



The middle section gives more details about consumer engagement. 

1. Email engagement 

  • Determine what percentage of consumers are opening email campaigns. Creating engaging and relevant Subject Lines is a great way to increase open rates.

2. Coupon engagement

  • Determine open and conversion rates for coupons. On average, 50% of consumers who view a coupon redeem it!


Campaign Breakdown

The final section gives in-depth details of all messages sent. 

Demographic and push method information can be viewed on a push-by-push basis. Time to redemption can be determined by calculating the difference between 'Coupon Redeemed' and 'Push Time'. This allows for a more accurate vision about the customer journey for those who redeem coupons.


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