Why does it take 5-30 minutes for the Open Mesh access point to provide Wi-Fi?

Why is it taking so long for Wi-Fi to work after I connect Internet?

When you first plug in your Open Mesh OM series access point, it takes time to cycle through various states before it will become active and provide Wi-Fi (click here for a guide on what the OM2P lights mean).  

As long as the OM series access point has power and an ethernet cord is correctly connected from your modem or router to the OM2P port labelled 18-24v POE, it will work correctly after the lights cycle.

This process may sometimes take 5-30 (or longer) minutes and may be confusing due to the typical cycle of lights (ie. from blinking green to solid red for minutes at a time).  Rest assured, this is normal behaviour and part of its setup process.  Setup will be complete when the the power light is solid blue, the Wi-Fi light blinks green, and the Wi-Fi network shows up and allows you to connect. You will notice that this light sequence will appear within 5 minutes of first being plugged in, then stop ~1 minute later. This is completely normal and the AP is then checking for a new firmware version and updating accordingly. Once the update is complete, 5-30 minutes later, the appropriate sequence will reappear. 

Note: The light cycle will only occur when you plug in your OM series access point or if you make any changes to the modem or router that is providing Internet to the OM access point.


What if there is a static IP? 

Turnstyle requires modems to have DHCP enabled for Open-Mesh devices. If there is a static IP, the power light will be online, but the Wi-Fi light will remain red. To solve this, the modem must be changed to a DHCP setting.


What if you do not see the SSID but your light configuration is correct?

Please contact Turnstyle support at support@getturnstyle.com 


Can I see this in graphical form?


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