Coupon Redemption Guide For Staff

This guide provides an outline of the customer journey and FAQ when redeeming a Turnstyle-powered coupon. Informing all staff about the new coupons and setting proper expectations is crucial to ensure success.

The Customer Journey

Step 1: Receiving the Coupon

i. Customers receive an email, SMS, or Tweet with a branded, customized message when they meet the predetermined rule qualifying them for the coupon. Each message has a unique coupon embedded within it specific to the restaurant they received it from.

ii. To view the offer, the customer simply clicks “View Offer” or the link.


Step 2: Redeeming the Coupon

i. After opening the coupon the customer is prompted to ‘Redeem Offer’ in front of a staff member.

ii. A confirmation message appears to ensure that the customer is in front of a staff member.

iii. After the customer confirms they are with the appropriate staff member the coupon will update to show ‘Redeemed’, with the date and time the coupon was redeemed.

iv. The staff member records the valid coupon according to company policy.



Can the coupon be redeemed more than once?

No, once a coupon has been redeemed and is subsequently viewed the coupon will display that it has already been redeemed along with the date and time of redemption.

What if a coupon is redeemed before the staff is present?

The coupon has the date and time redeemed feature present on the coupon allowing staff to honour the coupon if it can reasonably be expected that the customer has not previously redeemed the coupon.

What if a coupon is accidentally redeemed, can the customer re-validate it?

No, in this case please have the customer contact Turnstyle directly to have their coupon re-validated. Turnstyle will confirm with the store that the coupon, has not been redeemed and act accordingly. To contact Turnstyle please direct customers to Turnstyle’s Customer Success team at

Can coupons be redeemed after the expiry date?

No, once a coupon expires it will be automatically updated to show the customer that it has been expired and is no longer valid.

A customer has more questions about Turnstyle, where can they learn more?

Fantastic, an informed customer is a happy customer! Please direct customers to our website or to our Customer Success team at

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