Foreign Language Formatting in Excel

Turnstyle's Analytics platform provides valuable insights on customer behaviour within your store. The analytics dashboard is completely customizable for your business where you can add different widgets with metrics that matter to your business. For each widget, Turnstyle allows you to export that data in the form of an email report or .csv document. 

For Turnstyle customers who collect analytics in a foreign language, we have seen issues with the formatting of text in the Excel export. If you experience similar issues please follow the below instructions. 

1. Save the exported document as a .csv document and close the Excel window. 

2. Open a new blank Excel workbook for the data import. 

3. To start the import, from the top ribbon, select "Data", "Get External Data", and then "Import Text File..." to open the Text Import Wizard. 

4. When choosing your file, ensure that it is saved as a .csv and that CSV files are enabled. Select "Get Data" to continue with the import.

5. a) In the Import Wizard set "File Origin" to the correct language identifier, and then press "Next" to continue on with the Import Wizard. 

6. In step 2 of the Import Wizard, ensure that "Comma" is the only field under Delimiters that is checked. Then finish with the Import Wizard by selecting "Finish"

7. In the blank Excel document, select the cell where you would like to import the data and press "OK" to complete the import. 

Analytics makes it easy to uncover the success of a promotional campaign, establish benchmarks and set clear goals to see the ROI of your marketing initiatives. Discover unique visitors, dwell-times, walk-by conversions and more through our customizable platform.  Turnstyle can allow you to export your analytics to either email or Excel documents to get even more value from these insights. 

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