Overview Guide

At Turnstyle we believe in contextualizing our analytics to present an accurate story about your Wi-Fi network across all venues. The Overview module shares an accurate assessment of your entire network with several key metrics.

To change the review period for the statistics, choose your desired timeframe at the top left of the Overview Guide. 

Summary Metrics

  • Current Access Point Summary: The total number of online and offline access points in your network
  • Sign-in Summary: The total number of WiFi users who have signed in to all venues
  • Average Daily Visitors: The average number of daily visitors to all venues 

Both Sign-in Summary and Average Daily Visitors include 2 comparison trends that provide further context to the metrics

  • Current period vs. same time last year
  • Current period vs. previous period 


Venue Health Metric

View the performance of each individual venue in your network. 

Visual Summary

The icon to represent the geographic location of each of your venues within the Turnstyle network, with the colour of the icon representing the AP status, based on the metric chosen. The metric options for the Visual Summary widget are:

  • Current Node Status
  • Sign-In Summary
  • Average Daily Visitors


Now that you know the health of your network it is time to dive into the analytics. Click here to learn how to configure your Analytics.  

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