Aruba ALE 2.0 Configuration

Aruba ALE 2.0 Configuration: Analytics

Analytics Configuration

*Note, please make sure you send your Account Manager the ALE ID (IP) to ensure proper connectivity. To find the ID, ssh into ALE and run `ip a`.

Preformed in the Analytics Location Engine (ALE 2.0) Dashboard (GUI)

1. Login to ALE web-based dashboard
2. Select ‘Configuration’ > ‘Mode’ > ‘Context (station, application, proximity)

3. Select ‘Configuration’ > ‘Options’ > ‘General’ > make sure ‘Enable Anonymization’  is off

4.Select ‘Configuration’ > ‘WebSocket Tunnel’

  • Local End-Points add:

             Local endpoint: localhost

                   Port #: 7779

             Local endpoint: localhost

                   Port #: 8080

  • Remote End-Points add:

            Remote endpoint url:

                   Port #: 443



Click ‘Apply’ when each step is completed

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