Open-Mesh - CloudTrax Setup Guide (firmware 6.1.2 and greater)

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Cloudtrax Network. Once you have a Network created, you will be able to add access points to it and begin using them to create your WiFi hotspots. This process can be done entirely in-browser.

1. Go to and log in.

2. Navigate to 'All Networks' and then 'Create a Network' 

3. Input the relevant information for your network. Use Default network settings and leave 'Create as legacy network' unchecked. 

3. Once created, click on the SSID #1 tab (under Configure). There are two options for the SSID Name:

NOTE: Only SSID #1 will support Turnstyle.  Do not use SSID #2 - 4.

  • To use the same SSID for all APs:
    • Input 'SSID name' and uncheck 'Use access point name'  
  • To use a different SSID for all APs: 
    • Leave 'SSID name' blank and check 'Use access point name'

5. Have 'Enable' and 'Visible checked', and 'Authentication' unchecked


6. Enable Splash Page and enter:

  • Splash page type = Hosted Remotely
  • Splash page URL =
  • Splash Page Secret = **ACCESS SECRET Provided by Turnstyle**
  • Splash page authentication type = 'RADIUS'
  • RADIUS Server 1 = 
  • RADIUS Server 2 =
  • RADIUS Secret = **RADIUS SECRET Provided by Turnstyle**
  • RADIUS Secret = **RADIUS SECRET Provided by Turnstyle**
  • Use MAC addr for password = Enabled
  • Block unauthenticated users = Enabled


7. In Walled Garden, please enter the following domains:

8. Please Save Settings for SSID 1

9.  Navigate to the Maintenance Tab, which was under 'Configure' and set the following:

  • Automatic Upgrades = Disabled
  • Firmware version = 6.1.2


10. Navigate to the Advanced Tab, which was under 'Configure'

Note: Please ensure you've added an access point to your Network, or else the 'Presence Reporting' heading will not appear. 

11. Under 'Alternate Servers' add the following information:

  • server =


12. Enable Presence Reporting and add the following information 

  • Sever Location =
  • Key = <enter anything here, make sure not to leave blank>
  • Rate (in seconds) = 30





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