Open Mesh - CloudTrax Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Cloudtrax Network configured to support Yelp WiFi. Once you have a Network created, you will be able to add access points and begin using them to create your Yelp WiFi hotspots.

1. Go to and log in.

2. Navigate to 'All Networks' and then click '+ Create New' 


3. Fill in the relevant information for your network. Use Default network settings and leave 'Create as legacy network' unchecked. 


4. Once the network is created, navigate to the Configure section in the left navigation panel and select SSID 1.

NOTE: SSID 1 will be configured to support Yelp WiFi

  • To use the same SSID for all APs:
    • Type the desired 'SSID name' and leave 'Use access point name' unchecked
  • To use a different SSID for all APs: 
    • Leave 'SSID name' blank and check 'Use access point name'. The SSID will use the name of the access point, so be sure to name them appropriately

5. Have 'Enable' and 'Visible' checked, and 'Authentication' unchecked



6. Enable Splash Page and enter:

  • Splash page type = Hosted Remotely
  • Splash page URL =
  • Splash Page Secret = **Splash Page SECRET Provided by Yelp WiFi**
  • Splash page authentication type = 'RADIUS'
  • RADIUS Server 1 = 
  • RADIUS Server 2 =
  • RADIUS Secret = **RADIUS SECRET Provided by Yelp WiFi**
  • RADIUS Secret = **RADIUS SECRET Provided by Yelp WiFi**
  • Use MAC addr for password = Enabled
  • Block unauthenticated users = Enabled



7. In Walled Garden, please enter the following domains:

8. In the 'Advanced' section, be sure to enable:

  • Block LAN Access
  • Client Isolation
  • DNS Intercept


9. Please Save Changes for SSID 1

10. Navigate to the 'Configure' section in the left navigation panel and select 'Maintenance'.

  • Automatic Upgrades = Disabled
  • Firmware version = Stable


11.Navigate to the 'Configure' section in the left navigation panel and select 'Advanced'.

NOTE: Please ensure you've added an access point to your Network, or else the 'Presence Reporting' heading will not appear. 

12. Under 'Alternate Servers' enter the following information:


13. Enable Presence Reporting and add the following information 

  • Sever Location =
  • Key =  ***enter anything here, make sure not to leave blank***
  • Rate (in seconds) = 30





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